Minerals Commodity Trading With CommodityPro

Digitise Mineral and Metal Concentrate Commodity Trading and reap the benefits.

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    CommodityPro enable you to trade in minerals and metal concentrates whether you are in a up-stream, mid-stream or down-stream trading business. It captures the complete trading lifecycle of the complex mineral trades from, managing counterparties, contract creation, risk mitigation, invoicing and documentation, thus effectively gaining operation control and eliminating manual errors.

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    Risk Management

    Commodity trading companies face a variety of situations during the trading cycle, ranging from handling purchase and distribution contracts, credit exposures, and insurance to business management and documentation. Our risk management software assists you in managing the end-to-end trade lifecycle.

    Business Documentation

    CommodityPro has a one-of-a-kind feature that allows you to automate document production during the trade lifecycle. We make the paperwork process for each and every transaction seamless. Using a single CTRM software, auto-generate a wide range of essential documents and certificates needed for local or international commodity trading in an error-free manner.

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