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    The value of metals and mining can not be overstated as metals are used in every aspect of human life. This makes metal trading an important business to master.

     Over a period of time, metal trade has diversified and encompasses base metal trades, scrap metal trades and recycling. Metal trades have increased in volume and become even more volatile as demand and supply fluctuates. Hence, metal traders require robust systems in place that not only transact and collect data in real-time, but also provide vital business intelligence and analysis information on fingertips. Data driven decisions can help traders make physical trade and supply chain decisions that maximise profits. 

    CommodityPro is here to help. We offer a range of advanced solutions for metal trading and management through our CTRM software.

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    Leverage The Power of Data in Metal Commodity Trading

    In today’s competitive and unpredictable market, metal traders and metal scrap traders face an increasing number of challenges. These challenges intensify as traders need to keep a tab on complex operations, waste management, traceability, and other factors on a daily basis.  

    CommodityPro CTRM platform can give traders complete control on operations by automating trade contracts, scheduling, inventory management, settlement, credit, and risk. So, optimise your trading value chain and maximise the efficiency of your operations with CommodityPro.

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    Supply Chain & Logistics Management

    Our solutions help trading companies achieve optimized, reliable, and competitive metal supply chains that improves the bottom line. We assist businesses in lowering operational, logistical, marketing, and commercial costs by optimizing and automating the management of complex supply chains that involve bulk movement of goods, associated documentation and finance.

    Finance Management

    CommodityPro helps traders manage counterparty and credit risk in all trading activities, allowing them to better manage financial risks. Calculate account payables and receivables for import/export using our CTRM software to avoid latency is actually paying and receiving the foreign exchange amount.

    Risk Management

    Commodity trading companies face a variety of situations during the trading cycle, ranging from handling purchase and distribution contracts, credit exposures, and insurance to business management and documentation. CommodityPro’s robust features assist you in managing the end-to-end trade lifecycle.


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