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Commodity Trading and Risk Management — or CTRM — is critical for decision-making in today’s complex and unpredictable commodities market. CTRM software enables commodity traders to manage their business processes more effectively and more profitably than ever before. With an exciting range of functions on board, the latest CTRM software can be configured to suit different industries, different types of commodities, and different kinds of users.

At baseline, all modern CTRM systems should include functional solutions for:

  • risk management and trading
  • logistics management
  • supply-chain management
  • finance management
  • analytics and intelligence
  • business documentation
  • admin and human resources

CommodityPro CRTM software does all of the above and more. The platform is highly customizable, making it ideal for managing commodity trading processes in specific and multiple industries alike.

CommodityPro CRTM systems also excel at analyzing a wide array of risk factors and their likely impact on trade operations.

Who uses CTRM?

The main users of CTRM and ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management) applications are trading companies and commodity businesses.

At CommodityPro, our global customers use our CTRM tools in key trading areas such as accounting, contracts, distribution, finance, inventory, farming operations, trade documentation, and more.

Because our CTRM platform is a one-stop software, it allows businesses and trading companies to seamlessly manage a diverse range of commodities across different industries, including:

  • Agricultural commodities such as rice, sugar, fresh produce, pulses, and grains
  • Metal commodities
  • Mineral commodities
  • Energy commodities such as coal

An added advantage of CommodityPro CTRM is that it’s scalable, so it’s ideal for small, medium, and even enterprise-level customers. The system is also easy to use, affordable, and universally accessible.

Why CTRM over any other applications like EXCEL or ERP?

CTRM is a one-system solution that allows front, middle, and back office staff to optimize their workflow for commodity-specific needs. In other words, CTRM platforms are fit-for-purpose — they’re specifically designed to support all aspects of trading commodities.

What’s more, CommodityPro CTRM focuses on enabling you to mitigate and control enterprise risks. Spreadsheets and ERP do not have the same capability.

CommodityPro CTRM also enables you to simultaneously manage multiple commodities, multiple companies, and multiple locations — whether regional, national, or global. This kind of flexibility and functionality cannot be found in simpler platforms.

Pricing & Currency

The pricing of commodities impacts almost everything along the commodity supply chain. That’s why CTRM software must be built around commodity pricing and its unique characteristics, such as undefined prices and partially priced positions.

CommodityPro CTRM software supports all price types, exchange types (hourly, daily, monthly, etc.), as well as constantly changing market prices. It can easily handle different invoice types along with mark-to-market valuations, positioning it as the perfect CTRM tool for dealing with the peculiarities of pricing in the commodities market.

How CommodityPro scores better for modern CTRM

CommodityPro’s robust risk management capabilities give users the tools to manage business uncertainties much better. This functionality alone pushes the CommodityPro CTRM platform ahead of other CTRM solutions.

Another winning feature of CommodityPro is high-tech third-party integration. Popular business software such as Marine Traffic, Sage, and Swift, as well as accounting systems, ERP software, shipment tracking applications, and payment management tools can all be integrated with CommodityPro to ensure your commodity trading operations are as smooth and efficient as possible.

Quite simply, CommodityPro CTRM scores better because it’s a high-performing, fully-integrated risk management system in one easy-to-use package.

Explore more of our CTRM software features here.

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