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When you introduce new software to an organization, you need to highlight all of its good points. This encourages your team to buy into the solution from the get-go. With next-generation CTRM, there are so many good points to get excited about — this is the kind of technological revolution commodity trading
teams welcome with open arms.

The right fit

Before you implement a brilliant new CTRM platform, make sure you choose one that’s the right fit for your organization. Allocate sufficient time to make an informed and rational decision — that way, you stand a better chance of selecting a CTRM tool that totally transforms the way your company trades commodities
and manages risk.

A CTRM platform can and should be used by all staff. Thus, all departments should actively participate in the selection process. This will be invaluable further down the line when your team has to learn the new system.

You should also take into account the relationship you want to have with your CTRM provider. Platforms with excellent support and a high level of input from the provider will be a better fit and deliver greater results.


A good CTRM platform is far more usable than other systems commonly adopted for commodity management, such as ERP software or spreadsheets.

In the case of ERP solutions, companies often wind up with a highly customized system that’s costly to maintain, difficult to upgrade, and complicated to enhance.

Spreadsheets are equally problematic. They’re time-consuming, prone to error, and fall short in integrating key information.

In contrast, CTRM software is designed and developed specifically for commodity trading and risk management. It’s 100% fit for purpose, allowing your team to trade commodities and mitigate and control enterprise risks far more effectively. You can read more about what CTRMs do here.

Once your team sees how adept a well-designed CTRM solution is at capturing all the minutiae of commodity trading and risk management in real time, on one system and on demand, they’ll want to start using it sooner rather than later.

Remote access

Commodity markets are volatile at the best of times. Events like the global pandemic highlight how all businesses can suddenly be exposed to new and unexpected risks.

Any company making do with old-school CTRM & ETRM — energy trading and risk management — systemsand spreadsheets is already at a disadvantage. Organizations need agile, innovative software like CommodityPro CTRM Solution to run their commodity risk. They need systems with high visibility that can be integrated with advanced data science and business intelligence.

Remote access for your team also needs to be factored in. This ensures optimized workflow for commodity-specific needs. The CommodityPro CTRM Solution, as well as providing universal remote accessibility, is designed by experts with a good knowledge of diverse geographies and industry-specific processes.


When choosing a CTRM system, look for a tool that delivers solutions for businesses of all sizes. That way, you know you’ll be getting software that’s completely scalable. Your business will be able to grow efficiently, and, as a result, your team will thank you for having chosen an adaptable CTRM solution.


Finally, a CTRM tool that’s customized to cater to your team’s specific requirements will receive a better reception than one that’s not.

The CommodityPro CTRM solution enables companies to address a variety of risk complexities. It offers versatile functionalities and gives your team access to customized reporting mechanisms.

Having one platform for multi commodities, multi companies, multi locations, and with customization built in makes life much easier all around.

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