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    Agricultural commodities trading dates back thousands of years, making it the world’s oldest physical goods market. However, over a period of time the trading processes have evolved to be digital with emphasis on documentation, finance and actual movement of goods through various methods like shipping lines, trucking and air freight. The commodity prices also fluctuate and are closely linked to supply and demand, geo political situations and a variety of other factors that induce inherent risks in the trading business. Using a CTRM tool provides new opportunities for traders to digitise their operations and ensure profits.

    Physical trading of agriculture commodities requires a lot of analysis of product positions, inventory control and freight management. The finances are also rolling from one trade life cycle to another so being on top of the account receivables and payables are top agenda items for every trader. Managing these complex trade lifecycles can be a daunting challenge as trade business grows. That is why adopting a CTRM system like CommodityPro can help drive data driven decisions, gain operational control and manage risk.

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    Trade-In The all Agricultural Commodities using one platform

    Our enterprise CTRM software and advanced analytics enable companies that produce , process, sell, exchange, or consume agricultural commodities to make informed decisions and gain complete control over their operations. We enable our customers to manage risks in their physical trades and make a data-driven decision on a single platform to help handle risk management, controls, and regulatory enforcement. We make it possible to manage all your agri commodity trades including corn, rice, sugar, coffee, grains and fresh produce on single CommodityPro platform.

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    How CommodityPro Can Enhance Your Agricultural Trading Opportunities

    Since our inception, we’ve earned a reputation for being able to tackle a wide range of trades and scenarios. By bringing significant value to trade and risk management activities, we have gained the confidence of a variety of organizations around the world. CommodityPro’s third-party integration capabilities with popular business tools, which help you handle your commodity trading operations seamlessly.

    Supply Chain Management

    CommodityPro is a risk management and operational control platform that can assist businesses in monitoring assets of stores, silos, warehouses etc. It can also keep track of verified retailers and consumers by managing their KYCs. As part of our supply chain management module, we help you handle stock, freight, and insurance more efficiently and accurately.

    Logistics Management

    Manage all aspects of the logistics activities with a single CTRM software, from freight booking to shipment appropriation. Keep note of all the information concerning the shipments, including the port of loading, port of discharge, ETA and ETD, along with post-shipment checking.

    Analytics & Intelligence

    CommodityPro has specialised features that combine the CTRM tool with data mining and business intelligence applications, as well as curated reports that cover every part of the trading life cycle. Utilise CommodityPro’s risk management tools to gain actionable insights into bottlenecks and business-related uncertainties regarding agri-commodity trading.

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